Grit and Grazia: A Story of Venice, Voga, and a Few Unwavering Women

A documentary project of Living Venice e VIVA

WATCH the Preview

We’ve created two versions of this short preview to illustrate a few fascinating aspects of the culture surrounding the voga alla veneta. The first is the English version, dopo c’è la versione Italiana bandiera

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  • Cinematography: Lorenzo Pezzano
    Additional camera: Beppe Drago, Elena Seggi
  • Edited by: Nan McElroy, Chuck Trocino
  • Additional Editing: Francesco Marotta
  • Original Music: Chuck Trocino
  • Bowed Piano: from The Void and Sun Catcher, Vikings of the Sunrise, Stephen Scott, copyright 1995 by Adigital Music,  The Bowed Piano Ensemble.